First of all, I want to thank all our customers, partners and friends for the great cooperation last year and wish all of you a happy, successful, challenging and exciting New Year 2017.

If We Talk About Perfection

If we at Nanophoton talk about perfection, we talk about the requirements and demands of our customers today and in future. Our customers with the highest demands push us to get close to perfection and this is our motivation in continuously improving and developing highest performance analytical technologies and services.

New Year is always an opportunity in having an outlook into the future. If you compare today's tablets or mobile phones with the PCs of ten years ago, it's clear that technology has evolved at an astonishing rate - it's getting much smaller and considerably more powerful. Analytical technologies need to be ahead of this development as all these new devices and components need to be developed, analyzed, tested and quality assured.

However, today all the new devices are still made from essentially the same materials than decades ago and this is about to change! Nanotechnology will provide a complete new set of materials, which will have a huge impact on the technology which surrounds us. Graphene is one of these materials, according to Nobel laureate Andre Geim, "it's the thinnest possible material you can imagine... it's also the strongest material ever measured; it's the stiffest material we know; it's the most stretchable crystal." Graphene transistors could lead to dramatically faster computers and better batteries. Devices can be made transparent, lightweight and flexible and even could turn our clothes into computing devices.

However, electrons are what we use to transfer data in our modern computers today and we almost hit the limit for how fast electrons can travel. Photons -which are more than 100 times faster- are what we will use in the computers of the future. Photonics - using laser's and all kind of optical sensors - is already surrounding us in our daily life and topics like quantum computing will lead to a completely new generation of technology.

We at Nanophoton believe, that Nanotechnology and Photonics will change the world. We understand, that all these developments shall be accompanied by an analytical technology, which meets all the new requirements and demands. We are fully aware that perfection is not attainable, but for 2017 we chase perfection to catch excellence.

Wish all of you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2017

Michael Verst