Fast Raman imaging of fluids / wet in Butter

▲ Fatty ingredient and fluid distribution on the surface of butter

: lipid
: water

Excitation wavelength532 nm
Obj. lens60x (NA=1.0W)
Measurement time6 min

The upper figure show Raman image of butter pinched with two glass substrates. With fast imaging, it is possible to measure fluid distribution in a sample which melts at room temperatrue without special cooling system under room temperature. Because it is not necessary of special pre-process such as staining, anybody can measure without any difficulty.

Confirmation of distribution of minute fluid

Raman image of only fatty ingredient
Raman image of only fluid
Average Raman spectrum of selected area
  (Yellow:Fatty ingredient, Blue:Fluid)

Left images are raman image of fatty ingredient and fluid. Though the size of some fluids is less than 1 um, it can be detected with RAMANtouch which has spatial resolution and sensitivity. By selecting any area in the images, the average spectra are shown and many analysis and process such as comparison, difference and so on can be proceeded very easily.

It is easy to compare two spectrum of each selected area.