Silicon semiconductor

Silicon substrate

Stress distribution


Strain and Stress evaluation

Silicon thin film

Observation of Grain Boundary

Polysilicon film

Crystallinity evaluation

Secondary battery

Silicon anode

Deterioration analysis

Li-ion Anode

Inert Atmosphere analysis

LiCoO2 Cathod

Raman Analysis

Nano-carbon materials

CVD graphene

High resolution analysis

Carbon nanotubes

High resolution imaging


Raman imaging


Evaluation of edge structures

Multi-layer graphene

Raman imaging

Twisted Graphene

TERS imaging

Inorganic / mineral materials

Rust on a lead plate

Wide-filed Raman observation


Detection and analysis

Ultra wide-field

Raman imaging

Mineral Surface

Raman imaging

Diamond particles

Raman imaging analysis

Polymer / Resin

Paint uniformity

Evaluation and analysis


Photopolymerising Analysis

Polystyrene / PMMA

Wide-field Raman imaging

Multi-layer film

Cross-sectional Raman imaging

Bio/ Pharmaceutical


Raman imaging analysis

HeLa cell

Non-staining observation

Drug distribution

Intercellular imaging

Tanbocor tablet

Component distribution

Intracellular cholesterol

Raman imaging


Moisture/Fat in butter

Ultra-fast Raman imaging

Cheese analysis

Image of protein and lipid