Random scanning confocal Raman Microscopy RAMANwalk

Ingenious Beam Scanning Based on the Theory of Stochastic Process and Information Theory

Point Scanning, Requiring Significantly Reduced Measurement Time!*

The weakest point of a Raman microscope used to be the extraordinary long measurement time. We proudly announce that we have succeeded in resolving this issue by using the theory of stochastic processes and information theory. Without any preliminary information on samples, the RAMANwalk can scan by emitting laser beams along the most appropriate paths, obtaining images at a speed 5 to 10 times faster than a conventional scanning Raman microscope.

High-speed Screening without Preprocessing

The RAMANwalk employs a scanning method that does not require preliminary information. This product can screen a sample even when it is difficult to detect foreign substances in the sample using a microscope. Once a distinctive Raman scattering pattern is detected, beams automatically conduct a search as if alive, enabling required data to be obtained quickly.

   The RAMANwalk is highly effective in checking a sample that does not need thorough checking but is considered no good if it contains any foreign substances.

* Patent pending

Fully-equipped Compact and Beautiful Housing

The RAMANwalk uses only an optical point-scanning system, enabling the system to be compact. The compact system is mounted in a beautiful housing.

   An optical system necessary for the Raman microscope and an electric adjustment mechanism are built into this product. The time required for analysis has been reduced as much as possible, enabling user-friendly high-speed screening.



SPATIAL RESOLUTIONXY 350 nm , Z 1000 nm (100×objective lens, 0.9N.A.)
SPECTRAL RESOLUTION (FWHM)1.5cm-1 (@785nm、1200grooves/mm)
PIXEL RESOLUTION (SPECTRUM)0.74cm-1/pixel (@785 nm, 1200 g/mm)


LIGHTSOURCE WAVELENGTHone or two wavelengths
(choose two from 488 nm , 532 nm , 671 nm , 785 nm )
ILLUMINATION TYPESPoint illumination
Z Stage scanning
DIFFRACTION GRATING300, 1200 g/mm (Max. 3 gratings, selectable)
DETECTORHigh-sensitive TE-cooled CCD, 1650 pixels
STAGEXY Manual stage
Z Moter-driven stage
SHADING COVERWith interlock
SIZE (W×D×H)304 x 829 x 448 mm
OPTIONXY Moter-driven stage
Pinhole observation
Polarisation dependent Raman measurement
Low wavenumber measurement (50 cm-1 )
High accuracy peak-shift observation