What is human resources for Nanophoton?

Great people and teamwork are the critical values of Nanophoton as a company. We believe that no matter how good the technology or how high-performance the product, without excellent people, the business will never succeed.
At Nanophoton, we encourage our employees in all departments to have a spirit of innovation, to value teamwork, and to take on challenges without fear of taking risks. We also value working with a global perspective in order to provide excellent products and services to our customers around the world.
Nanophoton is seeking new talents to further accelerate our global expansion. Why don’t you join us and take Nanophoton to new heights by utilizing your excellent skills and wealth of experience?

We are currently offering the following jobs

Both new graduates and mid-career hires are welcome. All ages and nationalities are welcome. For more information, please contact us by e-mail.

Student Part-time Work/Internship Opportunities

Nanophoton welcomes student part-timers and interns to join Nanophoton’s in-house operations, including web production, translation (English and Chinese), design, manufacturing, and software development.

Part-time jobs and internships in the humanities

Nanophoton welcomes student part-time jobs and internships interested in finance, accounting, and administration of university ventures.

Research and Development Engineer

Nanophoton is seeking a research and development engineer for laser spectroscopy and microspectroscopy instruments, including laser Raman microscopes.

Sales Engineer (Tokyo or Osaka)

Nanophoton is seeking a Sales Engineer to sell and market our original laser scanning Raman microscopes.

Applications Engineer

Nanophoton is looking for an experienced application engineer for analytical instruments.

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Please apply using the entry form above or send an e-mail to the e-mail address below, indicating the position you are interested in and attaching your resume and CV. After reviewing your documents, a representative will contact you. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us at

All application materials will be used only for recruitment-related purposes and will not be used for any purpose other than recruitment activities. Please note that application documents will not be returned.

Employee Interviews

Go beyond exellence with us!

Nanophoton places the utmost importance on human resources in order to remain a top-class manufacturer. We asked Nanophoton employees what they really think about their work.

Employee Interviews