Company of Scientists

All of my life, I have wanted to do something different from others. If somebody wants to try something, I leave it to them. I have sought and found the challenges others were not likely to deal with. I failed so many times, but that did not discourage me. If I succeed in such a challenge, that will crown me with a title of “the first in the world.” This mindset is the basic philosophy of ​​inventors, and is also the starting point for scientists. Without it, there would have been no revolutionary inventions or scientific breakthroughs. This is nothing but the entrepreneurial spirit. Nanophoton Corporation is based on a group of people who share this spirit.

Nanophoton products are all far from conventional. We have developed a Raman scattering microscope, which no one believed it was possible to develop. In our Raman microscope, extremely week scattering light called as Raman scattering, which is found in between Rayleigh scattering and fluorescence in a spectrum, is collected from an extremely small space of tiny sample, and undergoes color separation and spatial imaging,

Since Nanophoton’s original microscope, RAMAN touch, detects Raman spectra at hundreds of points simultaneously, the image is obtained in a few hundredths of the time normally required. Another microscope of us, RAMAN walk, is based on a unique motion of laser beam based on the stochastic process theory and information theory to generate an optimized trajectory for unknown samples. Besides, we have developed Raman microscopes that have not been available elsewhere.

Nanophoton has brought into the world “bizarre” microscopes and “far-fetched” optical components that other companies have not. Among only a few examples are a polarized filter that polarizes light in the direction of optical axis; a laser source converter that does not generate optical interference as speckles; a Raman microscope and an objective lens for deep ultraviolet range; and a tip-enhanced Raman scattering microscope that boasts a resolution of one-twentieth of a wavelength. Our microscopes do not look like ordinary microscopes or analytical instruments in appearance.

Nanophoton embodies what happens when scientists start a company.

Satoshi Kawata, Founder