Intracellular drug distribution without staining

Raman microscope can observe where and how the drug administered to cells is distributed in the cells. Professor Takamatsu of Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine has reported a research example of measuring anticancer agents inside cells using our Raman microscope RAMAN-11 (a previous model of RAMANtouch).

“Intracellular dynamics of topoisomerase I inhibitor, CPT-11, by slit-scanning confocal Raman microscopy”
Yoshinori Harada, Ping Dai, Yoshihisa Yamaoka, Mitsugu Ogawa, Hideo Tanaka, Kazuto Nosaka, Kenichi Akaji, Tetsuro Takamatsu,
Histochem Cell Biol, 132 (2009) 39-46