Chairman's Office #17
The shareholders’ meeting ended successfully.

Nanophoton’s 17th general meeting of shareholders ended today. Although few people came to the meeting this year due to the coronavirus infection, we sent materials to the shareholders in advance and explained the financial and business reports for the 17th fiscal year as well as the business plan and issues for the 18th fiscal year.

Compared to the previous fiscal year’s 17th term, sales increased by 25% and operating income increased by 3.5 times (both on a consolidated basis). Unit sales were also up 27% from the previous year. In Japan’s manufacturing industry, large companies have reported declining sales and profits, but our company, a venture and small and medium-sized company, has increased sales and profits for two consecutive years, a sign of revival. This fiscal year is the second stage for Nanophoton, and we are building a new manufacturing system that can handle a large increase in the number of units manufactured, strengthening our service and sales system, and radically revamping our marketing business. However, we are taking this opportunity to start new projects and challenges. I hope you can catch a glimpse of what we are doing on this website.

At the general meeting, Hyo Jin Kim, the representative director of the Korean subsidiary, was newly elected as a director, and Kengo Fujiwara, the director in charge of sales, was appointed as a senior managing director.

We look forward to your continued support of Nanophoton in the coming year.

19 June, 2020
Nanophoton Corporation
Chairman and Representative, Satoshi Kawata