紫外・深紫外レーザー走査ラマン顕微鏡 RAMANtouch vioLa

UV/DUV MicroscopyNEW
RAMANtouch vioLa

Raman imaging on deep ultraviolet with high spatial resolution and high-speed imaging. Brand-new optical system for all wavelength light.

Laser Raman Microscope RAMANforce

Laser Raman Microscope

The highest performance Raman microscope of Nanophoton has evolved dramatically. Its perfect resolution and sensitivity provides the best Raman imaging ever.

Wafer Analyzer RAMANdrive

Wafer analyzer

Equipped with our dedicated 300 mm stage, RAMANdrive gives you an ultra-fast, highest resolution analysis of the whole wafer with unique stability and accuracy.

Wide-field Raman ScopeRAMANview

Fast Screening System

Fully new Raman Imaging with a Larger View. RAMANview has the maximum size of Raman image of 2.5cm.

Tip-enhanced Raman scattering microscope

TERS Microscope

Going beyond the diffraction limits, TERSsense can image and analyze a wide range of materials with nano-scale spatial resolution.

Wide-band Reflection Objective sumiléNEW

For high N.A. in a wide wavelength range including the deep ultraviolet region, a Schwarzschild reflective optical system filled with synthetic quartz is integrated.

In-situ Raman cell LIBcell charge

In-situ Raman cell
LIBcell charge NEW

LIBcell charge is a dedicated cell for in-situ Raman analysis of the electrode surface of lithium-ion battery.

Airtight Chamber for Raman

Closed vessel

Closed vessel used for Raman analysis of lithium-ion battery samples in inert atmosphere.

Z polarizer(Radial polarizer)ZPol

Z polarizer(Radial polarizer)

ZPol produces polarization in the direction of propagating light (z-polarization), providing a new dimension of sensitivity to measurements of crystal or molecular orientation.

Laser Speckle ReducerSK-11

Laser Speckle Reducer

SK-11 reduces speckle noise and improves your image quality. It also works as a beam homogenizer.


Compact Shading Cover

Just pinch it with your fingers to mount on the objective lens. Easily cut off 99% of the ambient light.

Custom-order systems

Custom-order systems