UV/DUV Laser Scanning Raman Microscopy RAMANtouch vioLa

RAMANtouch vioLa

RAMANtouch vioLa is a laser scanning Raman microscopy equipped with a brand new optical system. Even in the ultraviolet / deep ultraviolet (wavelength range from 200 nm to 400 nm) range, it realizes high spatial resolution and high speed imaging, as well as in the visible range (wavelength 400 nm to 800 nm).

New Raman imaging with deep ultraviolet

RAMANtouch vioLa adopted a completely new optical system. In order to realize high spatial resolution and high speed imaging even in deep ultraviolet region, line illumination is realized by using catadioptric optical system which had never been used for Raman microscopes. Due to the wavelength-independent characteristics of the catadioptric optical system, it exhibits performance over a wide wavelength range.

new Raman imaging

Examples of observation by ultraviolet rays

Observation with ultraviolet can obtain information that could not be obtained by Raman observation so far. Ultraviolet rays can acquire information only on the surface layer due to the short penetration length (the distance that light can reach) with various substances. In addition, observation avoiding the influence of fluorescence can be realized with high spatial resolution, and wide band gap photoluminescence (PL) can be observed.


Clear deep ultraviolet observation at high N.A. by newly designed objective lens sumilé

The objective lens is always necessary for the microscope. In the observation of the deep ultraviolet region, an exclusively designed objective lens is required, nanophoton has newly developed a high N.A. objective lens.

High N.A. objective lens for wide wavelength range, sumilé