UV/DUV Laser Scanning Raman Microscopy RAMANtouch vioLa

RAMANtouch vioLa

Observation with ultraviolet can obtain information that could not be obtained by Raman observation so far. Ultraviolet rays can acquire information only on the surface layer due to the short penetration length (the distance that light can reach) with various substances. In addition, observation avoiding the influence of fluorescence can be realized with high spatial resolution, and wide band gap photoluminescence (PL) can be observed.

Case 1: Stress analysis of 6H-SiC

Surface stress of SiC wafer was measured. Comparing the optical microscopy image with the Raman image, it can be seen that tensile stress is generated in the defective part and that compressive stress is generated between the defects. At the wavelength of 325 nm, only the outermost surface of SiC could be observed. The peak of the Raman shift of 789 cm-1 was used for observation. This peak corresponds to FTO (2/6) E 2 of 6H - SiC.

Stress analysis of 6H-SiC Stress analysis of 6H-SiC


Case 2:PL emission from micro structure of InGaN

It is observed luminescence from the island structure of InGaN grown on a GaN substrate. The difference in grown methods is imaged as a change of PL emission. Imaging in a wide wavelength range from 325 nm to 500 nm can be performed with a newly designed optical system.

PL emission from micro structure of InGaN PL emission from micro structure of InGaN