What Raman Microscope is

Basic of Raman Microscope

Here, we explain Raman microscope and Raman Scattering.

What Raman Microscope is
Raman Scattering
History of Raman Spectroscopy


Basic of Optical Microscope

When the magnifier itself was the cutting edge of technology, microscope has been always the leading technology. After that, microscope contributed a lot to medical and biology studies such as finding and observing virus itself. Moreover, an atom can be observed with a certain microscope and the application is getting more and more. Microscope developed with the basis of new theory is also launched in the market.

History of Optical Microscope
Components of Optical Microscope
Microscopes on the Cutting Edge
Observation with Optical Microscope
Terms for Optical Microscope

Here, we try to use easy words and explain microscope, especially optical microscope including technical words and leading technic. In 「Terms for Optical Microscope」we explain the features and the meanings for the users who just started to use optical microscope.