Laser Raman Microscopy RAMANtouch/RAMANforce


Some Raman microscope manufacturers claim to have tools available to adjust the optical axis while others claim to provide automatic adjustment. Either means that their instruments are incomplete with an unstable optical axis. If one uses the perfect optics designed by Nanophoton, the concept of optical axis adjustment does not exist. 

The best performance without any maintenance

Most Raman microscope manufacturers insist on offering an optical axis adjustment to users when using their instrument. This indicates that the optical axis will deviate over a period of even less than 1 day and the performance will drastically degrade. This is a problem caused by poorly designed optics in the instruments. 

The engineers of Nanophoton are familiar with factors that cause deviations in an optical axis. By eliminating these primary causes, stable optics can be designed which hardly impact on its performance and save users from any daily optical axis adjustment. 

What about long-term stability lasting for several months to a few years? In our experience, the stability of RAMANtouch/RAMANforce increases over time and reaches equilibrium after 3 months from its delivery. Nanophoton provides free maintenance services after 3 and 12 months from delivery, in which even small misalignments will be completely fixed by our experienced engineers. 

Even a small misalignment will be fixed at the 3rd month maintenance point and optimal performance is always expected for all users after that. Further adjustments should not be required as the optical axis will have remained stable from its annual checkup.

The size of RAMANtouch/RAMANforce’s cabinet is surprisingly compact. This refined body improves the robustness of optical axis stability against subtle changes in environmental temperature and stabilizes any spectral measurements.

Our newly designed robust body structure decreases stage drift

Any stage drift during measuring renders a Raman image blurred and destroys any high spatial resolution. RAMANtouch/RAMANforce has a newly designed robust structure inside its body, by which stage drift is maintained within only 50 nm during 1 ℃ room temperature (RT) change. RAMANtouch/RAMANforce thus keeps the laser focus very stable during imaging measurements and always shows the highest spatial resolution.

Change of stage height caused by RT change

Reliable service plans that eliminate downtime

The laser is the only consumable part for RAMANtouch/RAMANforce. The life cycle of the laser varies among individual units, but usually lasts for approximately 5 years (around 10,000 hours, MTBF). Inoperative lasers need to have their laser diodes replaced at a cost of several tens of thousands USD. In the case of unexpected breakdowns, there can be sudden repair costs that charge from several thousands up to ten thousand USD. 

Nanophoton is pleased to offer a maintenance contract for unexpected laser troubles. This contract will keep any unexpected expensive maintenance fee from exceeding a certain amount, and a first response will be guaranteed within 24 hours after notification of any malfunction. In the case that the laser is needed to be shipped back for repair, an alternative laser would be arranged. If any incident happens, a system is prepared to avoid any delay in critical measurements and analysis work.