Laser Raman Microscopy RAMANtouch/RAMANforce


Nanophoton announced the world’s first laser Raman microscope in 2005. Since then, we have made steady efforts in advertising and sales. Thanks to you, we have many customers introduce it not only domestically but also overseas. Here, we will introduce the voices of customers who use our equipment.

Mr. Yutaka Fujiwara / Sumika Chemical Analysis Service, Ltd

Product delivered on September 2011

“……RAMAN-11 is able to obtain highly precise data repeatedly every time. Our company does not aim to get one piece of excellent data from 10 measurements, but instead to obtain reliable data which shows sufficient repeatability, so the stability of RAMAN-11 was one of the key determining factors for us in making a choice. …… Questions can be cleared up swiftly by sending enquiries via email. After delivery, it was found out that a specific image processing function was necessary for data analysis. From our request for a development of this new function to its delivery, it took only 2 months.”

→ラマン顕微鏡 導入事例「住化分析センター様」

Dr. Tarou Takemura / National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)

Product delivered on January 2010

“…… The use of line scanning that enables ultra-fast Raman imaging is the most appealing part of Nanophoton’s RAMAN-11. We provide new users one-hour training of operation and it seems to be enough because almost nobody calls us and asks how to use the instrument after being trained. It is so easy to operate that everyone using it should share the same feeling. ……When we have requested an improvement of software, the development of a plug-in is carried out at once. As an administrator of instruments in a multi-user lab, the quick and flexible service of Nanophoton is greatly appreciated.” 

→ラマン顕微鏡 導入事例「物質・材料研究機構 様」

Testimonials from customers using the instrument in NIMS
Dr. Akinobu Kanda / Associate Professor of University of Tsukuba
“The extreme shortening of time in Raman imaging helps us a lot. The analysis software is excellent and easy to use, so research can be done more efficiently compared to the time needed using an instrument made by another company.” 

Dr. Katsuhisa Murakami / Associate Professor of University of Tsukuba
“This instrument is essential for our experiment due to the rapid imaging speed that can evaluate abundant samples all at once. The GUI is so easy to understand that students are able to use the instrument immediately after training.” 

A researcher of a food manufacturer
“The laser Raman microscope of Nanophoton uses line scanning that enables fast imaging and measurement of a heat-sensitive sample with little damage. Its operation is convenient with a manual that is easy to understand. I can quickly adapt myself to operating the device.”

Xiamen University Bin Ren, Ph.D.

Product delivered on November 2011

“The most prominent features of the Nanophoton RAMAN-11 are the ultra fast imaging speed and greatly improved Raman image precision. Raman image taken by RAMAN-11 is no longer a “mosaic” image taken by conventional Raman systems. This fast imaging speed greatly expanded the Raman application, now Raman image can be used in series of experiment that deal with thechange of sample state. The RAMAN-11 control software is easy to use, and the interface is very simple and clear. It is thoroughly considered to the details and designed with user’ s perspective. Data process speed is very fast, I believe that they put a lot of effort to optimize the image data processing. The light path has good stability, and system maintenance is simple.”

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Nanyang Technological University Xing Yi Ling, Ph.D.

Product delivered on March 2013

“Our group studies the self-assembled nanostructures for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) application. Hence, a ultra-fast Raman spectroscopy that allows fast mapping at high spatial and spectroscopic resolution is very essential for us. Previously we used to spend hours in getting a decent Raman map, now with the RAMANtouch line illumination system, it is just a matter of a few minutes!”

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