Exhibited at JASIS2022
Infrared spectroscopy x Raman spectroscopy = ?

JASIS2022, a gathering of analytical and scientific instrument manufacturers, will be held at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall in Chiba City for three days from September 7. Nanophoton will also be present at the general exhibition (booth location: 6B-406) and at the new technology presentation. We look forward to seeing you there.
 The highlight of the event will be a presentation by IKEDA SCIENTIFIC Co., Ltd. on the second day of the event, “The world of the highest level of microscopic imaging collaboration by ‘Infrared Spectroscopy (Perkin-Elmer) x Raman Spectroscopy (Nanophoton)’! . Nanophoton’s representative said, “Infrared spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy have a relationship that compensates for each other’s weaknesses. The same sample will be measured by each high-end machine, and a representative from both companies will make a presentation. We look forward to seeing how the collaboration project goes. (Takeshi Nemoto, Editor-in-Chief of the Email newsletter/science writer)

Nanophoton’s laser Raman microscope (left) and Perkin Elmer’s microscopic FT-IR exhibited next to each other at JASIS last year.

The theme is “See what you couldn’t see before!”

JASIS (Japan Analytical & Scientific Instruments Show) is an exhibition of state-of-the-art scientific and analytical systems and solutions organized by the Japan Analytical Instrument Manufacturers Association and the Japan Scientific Instruments Association.

Nanophoton’s theme for this year’s JASIS is “See what you couldn’t see before! Nanophoton will be exhibiting the actual machine RAMANwalk, a laser Raman microscope. The booth will feature an actual RAMANwalk laser Raman microscope, allowing visitors to experience the operability of the microscope through actual measurement and analysis. In addition, a mock-up of the RAMANtouch laser Raman microscope will be exhibited at the booth of IKEDA SCIENTIFIC Co., Ltd., our distributor, where visitors can confirm the design and size of the microscope.

New Technology Briefing

Here are some new technology briefings involving Nanophoton.

September 7
 12:00~12:30 Room A1, IKEDA SCIENTIFIC (Capacity: 54 persons)
“A look at organic materials by Raman microscope of Nanophoton – from polymers to foodstuffs

September 7
 14:00-14:30 Nanophoton, Room A9 (Capacity: 54 people)
Nanophoton’s Laser Raman microscope has evolved into a maintenance-free instrument that can be used as a tool.

September 8
 12:45~13:45 Hall A10-11, IKEDA SCIENTIFIC (Capacity: 100 persons)
The first public presentation at JASIS! The world of the highest level of microscopic imaging collaboration by “Infrared Spectroscopy (Perkin-Elmer) × Raman Spectroscopy (Nanophoton)”. 

September 8
 14:45-15:15 Room A9, Nanophoton (Capacity: 54 people)
Chemical imaging has evolved so far. Let’s observe polymers using Nanophoton’s state-of-the-art laser Raman microscope !
 Using the most advanced Raman microscopes, chemical images can be easily obtained not only by experienced Raman users but also by beginners. Various chemical imaging methods of polymers will be introduced with video clips.

September 9
 15:45-16:15 Nanophoton, Room A1 (Capacity: 54 people)
Chemical Imaging of Foods by Nanophoton’s Laser Raman Microscope”.
 Raman imaging of foods is playing a major role in food research as a tool to easily analyze the structure of foods. We will introduce many chemical imaging of familiar foods, including examples published in our newsletter.

The “JASIS premiere of the “Infrared Spectroscopy (Perkin-Elmer) and Raman Spectroscopy (Nanophoton): The World of High-Performance Microscopic Imaging Collaboration” on the 8th. The world of the highest level of microscopic imaging collaboration between Infrared Spectroscopy (Perkin Elmer) and Raman Spectroscopy (Nanophoton)” on the 8th. The two companies will measure a variety of samples in advance of the event, and the two representatives will discuss the differences between infrared microscopy and Raman microscopy and which method is the best choice.

What is the purpose of the “Infrared x Raman” collaboration project?

This is the first collaboration of the world’s top manufacturers in the fields of infrared microscopy and Raman microscopy, respectively, and is a remarkable project. We asked a Nanophoton representative about the purpose of the project.

——What is the aim of the project?

Users don’t always know how to use an infrared microscope versus a Raman microscope. There must be many people who want to know what kind of data they can get, but I don’t think there has ever been a comparison using high-end equipment. That is why IKEDA SCIENTIFIC, which handles both, planned this project, and PerkinElmer and Nanophoton decided to cooperate.”

——What is the difference between infrared spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy?

Infrared spectroscopy looks at changes in dipole moments and Raman spectroscopy looks at changes in polarizability, which is a complementary relationship. They also complement each other’s weaknesses. For example, infrared spectroscopy is not good at measuring samples containing water or inorganic substances, but Raman spectroscopy can. On the other hand, Raman spectroscopy is not good at measuring samples that emit fluorescence, but fluorescence is not relevant to infrared spectroscopy. For this reason, it is important to distinguish between the two, but we do not have much opportunity to know what difference they make in actual samples.”

——When did you start talking about collaboration?

Actually, it started last year at JASIS. We exhibited Raman microscope and infrared microscope side by side at IKEDA SCIENTIFIC’s booth. This time, we have spent a lot of time preparing for the exhibition by taking data from the same samples. Please look forward to it.”