Venue Report

Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall, the venue for JASIS 2022

JASIS 2022, an exhibition of cutting-edge scientific and analytical systems and solutions featuring more than 300 companies and organizations, opened at the Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall in Chiba City on September 7th. Here is a report on the first day of the show.
 Nanophoton also set up a booth (booth location: 6B-406) and conducted demo measurements of the Raman microscope RAMANwalk. The new technology briefing session will also be held on September 8th, “JASIS premiere! The world of the highest level of microscopic imaging collaboration by “Infrared Spectroscopy (Perkin-Elmer) × Raman Spectroscopy (Nanophoton)”! (Ikeda Rika Co., Ltd.) and various other information is being disseminated. The exhibition will be open until September 9th. Please stop by. (Takeshi Nemoto, Editor-in-Chief of Email Mail Magazine/Science Writer)

Nanophoton’s booth

RAMANwalk demo measurements at the booth

JASIS (Japan Analytical & Scientific Instruments Show) is an exhibition of cutting-edge scientific and analytical systems and solutions organized by the Japan Analytical Instrument Manufacturers Association and the Japan Scientific Instruments Association. Nanophoton’s theme for this year’s show is “See what you couldn’t see before! is the theme of this year’s show.

The booth displays an actual RAMANwalk laser Raman microscope, allowing visitors to experience its operability through actual measurement and analysis. In addition, a mock-up of the RAMANtouch laser Raman microscope is on display at the booth of Ikeda Rika, our distributor, allowing visitors to confirm the design and size of the microscope.

Nanophoton employee explaining RAMANwalk to visitors

What do Nanophoton employees think?

Yusuke Shiozaki, Nanophoton’s GM of Manufacturing and Service, was also in attendance, and we asked him about his impressions of what he saw around.

“Since I am also involved in the design of equipment within the company, I looked around focusing on the ‘shape’ of microspectroscopy and microscopes. Some manufacturers have a clean shape, while others have many cables connected to each other. This will be helpful in the future.”

Regarding the trend of Raman spectrometers, he said, “I was impressed to see many handheld and portable types. I feel that the applications of Raman spectroscopy are expanding”. He added, “A major analytical manufacturer introduced a service that provides remote support for problems. I hope we can incorporate this service as well.

Nanophoton’s booth just before opening

New Technology Briefing

New technology briefings (after the second day) involving Nanophoton are as follows

◇ Thursday, 8 September
 12:45~13:45 Room A10-11, Ikeda Rika (Capacity: 100 persons)
“JASIS First Public Presentation ! The world of the highest level of microscopic imaging collaboration by “Infrared Spectroscopy (Perkin-Elmer) × Raman Spectroscopy (Nanophoton)”.
 Infrared spectroscopy” and “Raman spectroscopy” have a relationship that compensates for each other’s weaknesses. Representatives from each high-end equipment manufacturer will present the measurement results of the same sample. This is a unique project that shows the difference between infrared spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy.

 14:45-15:15 Nanophoton Room A9 (Capacity: 54 people)
‘Chemical imaging has advanced so far. Let’s observe polymers using Nanophoton’s state-of-the-art laser Raman microscope !
 Using the most advanced Raman microscopes, chemical images can be easily obtained not only by experienced Raman users but also by beginners. Various chemical imaging methods of polymers will be introduced with video clips.

◇ Friday, 9 September
 15:45~16:15 Nanophoton Room A1 (Capacity: 54 persons)
Chemical Imaging of Foods by Nanophoton’s Laser Raman Microscope
 Raman imaging of foods is playing a major role in food research as a tool to easily analyze the structure of foods. We will introduce many chemical imaging of familiar foods, including examples published in our newsletter.